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Solar Power Monitoring

The iMod industrial computer is used in solar collectors and solar cell installations. The use of renewable energy sources allows you to save energy and has positive influence on the environment.

Solar radiation as a source of energy

There are two basic methods of converting solar energy:

  • Conversion to electricity in solar cells
  • Conversion to thermal energy in collectors - it can heat building, water or be converted into electricity (with the use of steam turbines).

With iMod you can manage installations locally and remotely. Additional devices connected to the computer enable you to monitor:

  • insolation
  • the amount of currently generated energy
  • demand for energy

Such information allows the system to run automatically at the right time. Full automation of the system reduces wear and tear on mechanical parts and as a result frequency of servicing.

Control of Thermal Energy

Generation of electricity from solar energy is particularly beneficial in countries with a high degree of insolation - people in these countries can produce electricity the whole year through.

The iMod industrial PC is a control module for such installations - it collects information from sensors inside and outside a room or a water container and turns on pumps or changes the direction of solar collectors. Logic can be implemented with an application dedicated for the iMod device, which changes it into a fully functional PLC.

You can configure the iMod PLC using ladder logic - even less advanced users can easily configure the device. The system is fully autonomous and reacts in a certain way to changes of input parameter values, e.g. turns off water heating if the temperature outside is too high or shuts off solar cells when there is excess energy.

Built-in GPRS/3G modem is another advantage of the iMod PC - you can use the NX Dynamics web-based interface to view and control the values of system parameters. Data is presented from any place with access to the Internet in a form of graphical visualization.

Power generation monitoring

Generated electricity can be consumed or stored in dedicated batteries. iMod as a telemetry module can read the voltage level in the battery system - when the voltage level in a battery drops below standard, the iMod platform can inform users about the incident via SMS (with the use of GPRS/3G) and switch into a network power consumption mode.

iMod can be also used for direct monitoring of distributed energy and control of its use. In case of increased demand for electricity, the system can run selected sections of installation automatically and supply the places which lack energy.

With iModCloud you have remote access to data and you can control operating parameters of all devices in a network - via any device with a web browser. VPN connection allows easy and safe data transfer and:

  • creating user groups with limited data access
  • viewing the parameters of devices connected to the iMod devices
  • managing the iMod industrial PC and connected devices as if they were in one network.

energetyka słoneczna

Due to communication protocols support (e.g. Modbus) you can connect any HMI panel in your system. This allows you to control and monitor the whole installation from one place. You can control and change operating modes of your devices remotely via a mobile device (due to a bilt-in GPRS/3G modem) - you just need to send a proper text message in order to change operating procedures.

Functionalities of the iMod industrial computer allow automatic remote control and management of power generation installations - with iModCloud you just need any mobile device (e.g. smatphone, tablet)