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Smart Metering

Smart Metering means using so called smart meters in different types of networks (e.g. energy, gas, water and sewage). Smart meters enable two-way, remote data transmission; from a energy provider to a meter and from a meter to a provider.

smart metering

The iMod platform is an excellent tool for this type of projects. iMod enables data collection from many meters and devices and data transmission over long distances with GPRS. The data can be shared with NX Dynamics dedicated software, which allows to view all values with a Web browser.

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The advantage of this system is:

  • reduction of energy supply price (because of the possibility to match appropriate price plan with the individual needs of customers)
  • precise accounting of consumed energy (for many customers such a billing system might be a reason to use less energy)
  • Increase in quality of services provided by the energy suppliers (simplified procedure for changing energy suppliers).

For the distributors smart metering means:

  • Reduction of book/tax difference (greater measurement accuracy)
  • Reduction of losses due to energy theft
  • Reduction of customer support and field work costs
  • Possibility of remote connection/diconnection of electricity.

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