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iModCloud is a solution that enables remote control of groups of NPE/iMod devices with any device with access to the Internet.

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iModCloud was created in order to optimize the process of installation and maintanance of a project, providing a constant access to devices via Web browser.


Get familiar with iModCloud - try out the demo version

With iModCloud you can view all your devices without the need to buy dedicated SIM cards for each unit.

With iModCloud you can:

  • register any NPE/iMod device into the iModCloud service
  • install or update firmware/software packages on many devices with a single click
  • manage and configure services from one place (e.g. iMod configuration)
  • Organize, integrate parts of installation (groups of devices) into separate VPNs
  • Share devices or networks with newly created accounts.

iModCloud - Collect and Analyze Data From Multiple Sources

monitoring uprawy rośliniModCloud enables you to collect data from any number of iMod devices. Telemetry modules can be distributed over any area - iModCloud will provide you with access to all data from one place.

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