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Notification Systems

In order to provide efficient operation of the whole installation, it is important to have an early notification system. With a proper configuration, the NPE/iMod device can be used as a notification system dedicated for a specified project.

The NPE/iMod platform can send an event triggered message to a predefined group of receivers in case of a sudden change of a parameter or any irregularities in the operation of devices.

Events can be freely set, according to the use of the platform in a project.


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Example messages may concern:

  • level of temperature
  • humidity level
  • status of particular devices
  • etc.

You just need to set parameter values at which the device sends notification and define the type of a message to be send (Email or SMS). This particular function is especially important for the security of the project, because it provides instant reaction for any irregularities in the operation of devices or sudden changes of the external factors.

The system enables saving messages/parameters into external information systems, particularly into servers or SQL data bases.

Example use of the iMod platform as a notify module:

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