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iModCloud allows you to manage groups of the NPE/iMod devices like a single unit.

Due to an innovative interface the process of start-up and configuration of a system will be easy - anywhere you are via a Web browser. You update software and download new packages onto any number of devices with a single click .

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The iModCloud service provides the highest security level due to SSL certificates and encrypted VPN communication. You have total control of access to your devices - with iModCloud you can share selected units and whole networks according to your criteria. Each user account can be created in accordance with demands of a particular project.

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iModCloud has an intuitive mobile interface. You can view and control the whole process in your installation via any mobile device running a Web browser.

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  • register any number of the NPE/iMod devices
  • install and update firmware and packages on selected devices with just one click
  • manage and configure both individual units and whole groups
  • group the devices in the iModCloud service into separate VPNs
  • share selected devices or whole groups with selected users
  • run the NX Dynamics Web interface and dedicated NX Dynamics modules via iModCloud. 


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iModCloud Features:


All connections are encrypted with SSL certificates and they use encrypted VPN communication (the same level of security is used by financial institutions).

 No installation

The service is ready to use without the need to buy dedicated hardware or software.

 Quick start

In order to manage all the NPE/iMod units, you just need to register one unit using an intuitive registration panel.

 Easy to use

Simple, user-friendly interface designed for mobile devices allows easy, trouble-free control of one unit or a whole group of devices.


iModCloud is a service available through a Web browser on any internet capable device.

 Technical Support

TECHBASE offers full technical support for Clients using the iModCloud service.


iModCloud offers constant access to the latest solutions – new functionalities are constantly added and regularly updated.

Planned Functionalities:


iModCloud as a service for building one configuration for a set of NPE/iMod devices - each device will receive a part of the configuration automatically.


iModCloud as a service for running your own visualisation for ets of devices and connected hardware modules/sensors using NX Dynamics and PHP templates.

 Data Storage

iModCloud as a service for receiving and managing data about events and alerts from an iMod platform.

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