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Expansion Cards

The use of expansion cards increases possibilities of industrial computers It gives possibility to; add extra serial and parallel ports; digital and analog inputs/outputs or add new communication interfaces (e.g. Wi-Fi, GPRS, ZigBee or 3G).

Such cards enable you to adjust a computer for communication with industrial automation devices or other installation of systems.

In the A2S.PL Catalog offer there is a wide range of expansion cards, divided into two categories:

  • measurement cards: offering the possibility to control and monitor status of digital and analog I/O or to connect different sensors (temperature, pressure etc.)

  • communication cards: increasing the number of available interfaces on a computer and expand the number of inputs.

The expansion cards in the A2S.PL Catalog offer use the most popular communication buses:

  • PCI

  • PCI Express

  • Mini-PCI

  • ISA

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