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Data logging

The NPE/iMod industrial computers can operate as versatile data loggers due to a large number of inputs/outputs and support of many wired and wireless communications standards.

Data logging provides:

  • detailed analysis of all parameters
  • detection of irregularities
  • thorough reporting about the processes in the system.


The NPE/iMod devices collect measurement data via installed communication interfaces and save the data to hardware resources (1 GB internal memory card or an external card up to 2 GB) or data bases on the device as well as to external servers.


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The iMod platform is widely used as a data logger both in stationary (energetics, heating, production, etc.) and mobile (vehicle data logging).

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    powiadamianieIn order to provide efficient operation of the whole installation, it is important to have an early notification system. With a proper configuration, the NPE/iMod device can be used as a notification system dedicated for a specified project.

  • Managing via Web Browser


    iModCloud is a solution that enables remote control of groups of NPE/iMod devices with any device with access to the Internet.

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