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Monitoring and Control

The NPE/iMod platform is an innovative software and hardware solution for monitoring and control in industry and automation systems. Hardware resources of the industrial computer and a feature rich software package provide various configuration options depending on project requirements.

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The NPE computer series, iMod platform and the NX Dynamics graphic interface are the tools, which enable complete and easy operation of devices connected with different communication standards, both wired and wireless.

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The NPE/iMod industrial computer enables data readout from measuring devices and system operation control according to collected parameters.

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Due to support of many communication protocols and data transmission interfaces, the NPE/iMod devices form a versatile platform for monitoring and control in the most complex projects.

Example applications:

Plant Growth Monitoring

monitoring uprawy roślinThe iMod telemetry module is an important element of a monitoring and control system in agricultural engineering. It can operate both in small greenhouses and fields covering thousands of square kilometers.


Oil Production Monitoring

monitoring elektrowni wodnychDue to advanced alarm functions the iMod industrial computer is a perfect tool for monitoring systems in drilling installations.


Water Consumption Monitoring

monitoring zużycia wodyThe iMod industrial computer is a perfect component of a measuring station for water consumption monitoring (e.g. in residential, commercial or industrial premises).


Solar Power Monitoring

energetyka słonecznaThe iMod industrial computer is used in solar collector and solar cell installations. The use of renewable energy sources allows you to save energy and has positive influence on the environment.


Power Grid Monitoring

monitoring sieci energetycznychWith the use of the iMod telemetry module energy grid can be fully automated and meters will transfer values to selected points automatically (smart metering).


GSM Network Monitoring

monitoring sieci GSMThe iMod industrial computer is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces, which allow to connect any number of devices monitoring the operating parameters of a GSM base station (so called BTS).


Climate/Weather Conditions Monitoring

monitoring warunków The iMod industrial computer can operate as a data logger and a notify module in meteorology. With the use of proper sensors, iMod can be an integral part of a weather station.


Intelligent Building

inteligentny domThe iMod industrial computer is a device for control and management of modern systems installed in intelligent buildings.


Hydropower Plant Monitoring

monitoring elektrowni wodnychAutomated system of energy production in hydropower plants can be entirely based on the iMod platform.


Wind Farm Monitoring

monitoring farm wiatrowychThe iMod industrial PC is widely used in monitoring and control of wind turbines and wind farms operation.


Air Conditioning Monitoring

monitoring klimatyzacjiThe iMod platform is widely used both in the systems consisting of just one air conditioning unit and the whole ventilation systems (e.g. production hall).


Vehicle Monitoring

monitoring pojazdówiMod - a fanless industrial PC equipped with a GPS module is a perfect data logging tool for vehicle monitoring.