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NX Dynamics

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Web-based graphical user interface for the NPE/iMod devices operated via a Web browser.


NX Dynamics enables you to view data and to control your devices with a Web browser. It is a modern Web-based visualization platform (SCADA) designed for operation with the NPE/iMod series.


With NX Dynamics you can easily create monitoring and control charts for the NPE/iMod devices.


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Advantages of NX Dynamics - Find out More in a Few Steps

Interactive interface

The user interface has been designed to present data dynamically even over slow GPRS links and to minimize data transfer between a device and a browser.

NX Dynamics has an effective communication system with a Web browser, it helps to overcome the effect of slow access links. The solution was designed for visualization of rapid changes of data values (e.g. collected from the I/O interfaces).


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Ease of use

You can easily create your own charts, using drag'n’drop method. You can use high quality graphics and animation without burdening bandwidth. Graphical visualization charts and control charts are clear and easy to configure.

It enables you to create animated presentation of digital I/O status, analog input voltage and collected values from 1-Wire sensors.

NX Dynamics guarantees instant parameter refresh with a low data transfer.

Due to a Web interface we can connect to any NPE/iMod device via a Web browser. The NPE/iMod devices can be both in a local or external network. In addition, you can switch between devices during operation.

User Modules

Simple, intuitive tools located in the tabs of the graphical interface contain control and monitoring charts for the NPE/iMod computers, including:

  • hardware resources monitor
  • Ethernet and GPRS configuration charts
  • software packages management.

Data presented on a chart always present current status, without the need to refresh a website.


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Software Manager

There is a Software Manager available. It enables to check if there is any new software update, and allows for automatic update.

The Software Manager supports all the packages installed on the device including user packages (not only NX Dynamics package).

Independent channels and background operation

All the tasks set are queued and their completion is clearly indicated - you have total control over the device even when executing complicated scripts.


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NPE/iMod device finder

One of the additional modules is a NPE/iMod device finder in remote networks (e.g. in order to configure).

The application scans a selected range of IP addresses in order to find a NPE/iMod platform. Range can be freely defined One of the advantages is the possibility to scan a whole subnet. If you don’t know the IP address of a device (e.g. if it was assigned automatically by a router) the application helps to find it in a fast and easy way.

What you should know about NX Dynamics - specification

Basic system features

NX Dynamics Features:


  • It enables you to use telnet service via a Web browser
  • You don’t need to know HTML or any programming language in order to create new modules.
  • With the WYSIWYG graphical editor and Drag&Drop technology it is a pleasure to create modules and effective visualisation charts
  • Compatibility with the iMod platform
  • 4 types of communication channels adapted to the specifics of operation.
  • We plan to implement new functionalities in NX Dynamics: operation in VPN, control through a portal or a mobile interface.
  • Full technical support via dedicated portal and TECHBASE Solution Partner


Features of Built-in Modules


  • Quick start-up of the NPE/iMod devices
  • Configuration and supervision over your device and installed applications
  • Management and view of the GPRS connection and DynDNS service status
  • Remote software update of NX Dynamics and other packages
  • Access to the NPE/iMod finder


Other possibilities


  • Possibility to scan and monitor devices/sensors through 1-Wire bus.
  • Access to local database
  • Direct telnet access to a device (reconnect function when there is a temporary loss of connection).
  • Full technical support via dedicated portal and TECHBASE Solution Partner


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