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Vehicle Monitoring

iMod - a fanless industrial PC equipped with a GPS module is a perfect data logging tool. It can collect information on vehicle operating parameters. It allows you to archive data and to share it with end users. iMod is a compact solution - it offers a variety of applications and requires little space, which reduces costs of installation and maintenance of the device.

iMod operates as a:

  • remote controller
  • alarm module

When you connect external devices and sensors, iMod can collect such information as:

  • the number of people getting on and off
  • current location and route of the vehicle
  • driving time
  • the number of tickets punched
  • vehicle operating parameters (temporary speed, average, engine and oil temperature, tachographs information).

monitoring i sterowanie

You can increase the comfort of a ride, when you connect additional devices such as electronic displays informing passengers about the route.

Selected information, e.g. warning of delays, detours or abnormal engine operating parameters can be transferred to predefined users with a built-in GPRS/3G modem.

The use of wireless communication enables you to maintain constant connection with a logistics centre and control remotely all parameters and processes in real-time. The information is saved to databases, it can be processed and displayed on the message boards on bus stations and train platforms.

GPRS/3G network allows collection of information from a logistics centre and information about current location of a vehicle. 3G allows you to reduce fixed costs and to add additional functionalities like e.g. providing passengers with access to the Internet.

System supervisor can monitor the route of a vehicle in real-time via a web browser in any mobile device with:

  • NX Dynamics web-based graphical interface
  • iModCloud service

The iModCloud service allows easy and fast management and control of a large group of units - a perfect solution for extensive fleet of vehicles. It enables you to:

  • generate individual, online interactive charts with all parameters of individual vehicles.
  • create any number of users with individual level of access to information on vehicles.
  • provide the highest level of security of data transfer, due to the use of VPN technology.

monitoring i sterowanieThe data collected during driving and at standstill can be logged with high frequency and archived on the device. It can also be saved to files (easy to edit with office applications) or internal/external databases.

It is important during making statements balances and reports. Generating a monthly report of fuel consumption or mileage within a specified time becomes fully automatic. The reports can be generated in any format, e.g. PDF files.

Additional information (e.g. who and when serviced a vehicle/service, technician identification number/information on the condition of the vehicle) can be saved via website with the use of a database. In case of a breakdown, the industrial PC will log the information about the date and time of the incident, time of report and vehicle service time - such information allows you to reduce costs.