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Air Conditioning Monitoring

Room climate control

iMod operates as a climate control device. Built-in 1-Wire interface and analog/digital inputs allow to connect sensors in the monitored room. The sensors share such information as:

  • temperature
  • relative humidity

monitoring i sterowanie

The iMod industrial computer can collect information on:

  • opened doors and windows in the air conditioned room
  • operating status of the system devices
  • power failure
  • electricity consumption

All the data collected by iMod can be saved in internal Flash memory or on external SD cards. The platform allows to archive large amount of data and provides easy transfer to any external device. All the information can be transferred to internal and external data bases and built-in Apache server enables you to share data directly via a Web browser in an easy way.

The information on installation status and conditions in the room can be transferred to computer systems or to a mobile device with the use a built-in GPRS/EDGE/3G modem. Wireless data transfer can be also used in reporting systems. You can send measurements periodically, at certain times or on request.

Notification of Alarm Conditions

A built-in GPRS/EDGE/3G modem allows to send short messages when threshold values are crossed or when there is a deviation of parameters (e.g. too high temperature or power failure).

monitoring i sterowanie

iMod can send e-mail notifications, if you configure the Internet connection. The maintenance company or a system supervisor can receive information about only selected parameters.

Proper Climate Conditions in the Room

The iMod telemetry module is designed to control all the devices in the air conditioning system. These can be connected to iMod with the following communication interfaces:

  • M-Bus
  • Modbus

monitoring i sterowanie

The iMod industrial computer can control digital output signals, which enables easy control of the elements of and installation (fans or pumps). There is an easy way to control external devices:

  • with dedicated configuration software - iMod
  • with PLC ladder logic

The iMod software enables easy control - introduces simple logic. In more complicated systems the iMod industrial computer can operate as a fully programmable and configurable PLC. The device monitors sensor status/value and determines operation of other devices.

This solution enables even less advanced users to implement logic in the system. Configuration of auto stop function, in case of exceeding a threshold value, will not be a problem.