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Intelligent Building

The iMod industrial computer is a device for control and management of modern systems installed in intelligent buildings. iMod has wireless interfaces, such as GSM or ZigBee - it can communicate with sensors or devices (e.g. switches).

You can remotely control and monitor your building. With the wireless technology you can avoid installation of wired sensor networks. It allows fast and easy modification and further development/reconfiguration of the system. Such a solution works well both in a small flat and in a large office building.

Wireless Control and Monitoring

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With the use iMod you can control and monitor:

  • individual lighting for each room
  • air-conditioning - regulating indoor temperature in accordance with the temperature outside.
  • alarm installation
  • water temperature

All the devices in the intelligent building system can be connected both by wire and wirelessly to iMod. Built-in 3G modem allows remote monitoring via a web browser - a user has constant access to all building parameters in real-time from any place with access to the Internet.

You can control the object manually or automatically - the iMod industrial PC as a PLC provides automatic control system. iMod can do simple and more complex tasks (e.g. reaction for commands administered by a Client via email or automatic alarm or SMS sending).

Constant Supervision over Your House

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The temperature in the building or operating status of air conditioners can be presented in a form of a graphical visualization or tabular information. If you connect HMI touch panels you can view data locally, and with the NX Dynamics web-based graphical interface and the iModCloud service you can access data remotely. NX Dynamics and iModCloud allows you to build your own visualizations and data sharing in real-time via the Internet.

Ease of Use and Economy

iMod offers ease of use and electricity consumption savings, e.g. fully automatic lighting control - lights turned off when there is no movement in the room, dimmed depending on the interior atmosphere.

iModCloud also meet the highest security standards - it allows easy management of distributed iMod platforms with the use of VPN technology. You can view and control any operating parameters and share them with selected users or user groups via any device supporting a web browser. With a few clicks you can cut off the power in a building, turn on the heating ar view information on energy consumption.

Task Scheduler Allows Full Automation

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The iMod industrial PC can operate in so called task scheduler - devices connected to iMod can perform different functions at different times. This function is possible due to a the built-in logic and the functionality of a PLC. Task scheduler allows you to plan commands for the iMod industrial PC for a few years ahead. Naturally, you maintain full control over your system and you can modify operation of individual devices controlled by iMod.