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Power Grid Monitoring

With the use of the iMod telemetry module, the energy grid can be fully automated (smart grid) and “intelligent” meters (smart metering) will transfer values to selected points automatically.

The NPE/iMod industrial PC uses:

  •     Modbus
  •     M-Bus
  •     ZigBee

The iMod device can scan the whole M-Bus network to which it is connected. This makes the meter installation incredibly easy and fully automatic. The meters with ZigBee technology allow to transfer data from a wide area, without the use of wires - it reduces the amount of time necessary for system start-up and gives possibility relocate meters in an easy way.

Smart grid is a system where you can transmit measuring data from smart meters to a telemetry control center - iMod can be used as a telemetry control center. All data from the meters are shared with the use of a built-in Web server or with the use of NX Dynamics Web-based interface (system operator has a real time access to the data) - it enables constant control of energy usage and comparison between selected sectors of the system.

monitoring sieci energetycznych

The iMod device has a built-in GSM modem, which enables communication with electricity supplier and transfer of the collected data with the GPRS or 3G network to control centers located many kilometres away. With the use of 3G you can transfer vast amount of information - such functionality is useful in extensive grids.

With the GPRS/3G modem you can check current and average electricity consumption at any time - you just need to send a simple SMS message, and you will receive an information with relevant data back. Built-in memory and SD card support allows to archive and preview all the values collected in the grid over a long period of time - lack of GPRS/3G connection does not influence the monitoring process - data is constantly controlled and saved.

monitoring sieci energetycznych

The iModCloud service allows you to view all the information from power grids - even the most extensive ones. iModCloud provides you with access to all telemetry modules distributed over a wide area, as if they were in one network - it uses extremely safe encrypted VPN connections.

You can divide devices into separate groups, you can view any operating parameters of a power grid (e.g. for selected sectors) on one chart in a Web browser.

Constant access and control of measured values enables you to manage the use of energy - you save and reduce costs of energy use. Saving is particularly visible in large energy installations (e.g. cities, large production plants).