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NPE X1000


NPE X1000 is a universal industrial computer with a huge set of hardware resources - you have the possibility to use new functionalities and carry out even the most demanding projects.


Choose the functionalities of the NPE X1000 industrial PC


Fast processor, extensive memory resources, a range of new interfaces and impressive number of inputs/outputs - these are just a few advantages of the NPE X1000.


Check out the latest 10 times more efficient version - iMod X1000


The NPE X1000 industrial computer runs Linux operating system. This system guarantees security and allows steady operation in industrial conditions. Linux is open software - you can modify and adapt it to requirements of your projects.

Ready software packages enable fast configuration of planned functionalities. Specify your goals and NPE X1000 will make it happen.

NPE X1000 – universal industrial computer for carrying out your projects.

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The NPE X1000 devices can perform the functions of:


  • telemetry module with remote notification function
  • GPRS/EDGE/3G modem
  • Web server with PHP and SQL data base support
  • Modbus gateway/proxy/router
  • SNMP manager/agent.


There is dedicated software - iMod - available for all the NPE X1000 computers. The software allows fast configuration and enables you to shorten time necessary for system start-up. The NPE X1000 computer together with the dedicated software forms the iMod X1000 platform. The platform allows further development of the system, you can add new functionalities and adjust them to your individual needs. 

The NPE X1000 platform

Additional functionalities of the NPE X1000 platform


  • universal interface and protocol converter01 npex1000
  • data logger
  • PLC
  • serial port server
  • GPRS/EDGE/3G router
  • alarm and notification module
  • GPS module


NPE X1000 - Technologically Advanced Controller

02 kontrolerNPE X1000 has been designed in a way that guarantees the possibility of developing systems in which it is used. It has all the features of previous NPE computers and is fully compatible with older models. However, some basic changes have been made, such as:


  • new ARM CORTEX A8 800 MHz processor
  • RAM expansion (512 MB SDRAM DDR3, optional: 1GB)
  • increased number of serial ports (6x RS-232, 2x RS-485)
  • wide range of digital and analog inputs/outputs (including fully configurable digital inputs/outputs)
  • relay outputs
  • increased number of network interfaces (2x Ethernet)
  • possibility to add 3 independent extension cards (ZigBee, GPRS/3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth modem etc.)
  • New I/O communication interfaces (CAN, 1-Wire, COM, HDMI etc.)
  • SDHC card support (capacity up to 32 GB)
  • Audio I/O added


iMod – Dedicated Software

03 imodThe NPE X1000 computer is fully compatible with the iMod platform. The device can be incorporated into existing system structures based on previous NPE models or you can transfer entire system into the new model, without changes in existing configuration.

Adaptation for Industrial Conditions

04 industrialNPE X1000 is a fanless computer. Its housing is made of durable ABS plastic and is suitable for DIN rail mounting. The result is that the computer might be installed in any industrial conditions. In addition, there is a possibility to equip NPE X1000 with aluminium housing. With such components, the computer can flawlessly operate in a wide range of temperatures from - 40 to +85°C.

Expansion Cards

05 kartyWith the support of 3 expansion cards, you can prepare the hardware resources according to your individual project needs. MiniCard expansion slots can increase NPE X1000 functionality, you can add such interfaces as:


  • ZigBee
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • GPS


With Linux - open operating system - you can connect any such card.

Three ways to access the resources of the device

06 dostępThere are three ways to access the hardware and software resources of the device:

NX Dynamics – Web Graphical Interface. Enables you to build your own modules (e.g. for process visualization).

HMI – due to a range of communication interfaces and built-in protocols, you can connect any HMI panel and manage the installation locally.

WWW – the device has a built-in Web server, data base and PHP language support. You can easily create and share a dedicated website with view and control functions of selected parameters of the device.

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