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ModBerry 500 - Industrial computer


ModBerry 500


ModBerry 500 is a series of industrial computers which you can easily adapt to your needs by choosing from the available options. Device is powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module SO-DIMM, to improve the performance and efficiency.



ModBerry 500 advantages



Energy efficiency achieved with use of Raspberry Pi Compute Module, which allows to use power saving modes to lower power consumption and therefore lower the costs





High performance reached with Broadcom 700MHz processor, powered by Raspberry Pi SO-DIMM, allows using ModBerry 500 device for specific application, like smartgrid remote control





Powered by Raspberry Pi Foundation and Comunity Support, for wider range of software/application support - using Raspberry Pi module gives a huge kickstart of software development, thanks to wide Raspberry Pi Comunity





Economic solution for industrial automation systems


The ModBerry 500 platform has a variety of functionalities and is easy to configure at the same time – it combines ease of use, characteristic of simple devices with the possibilities of embedded computers.



Hardware resources

Base version

  • Raspberry Pi SO-DIMM compute module, powered by Broadcom 700MHz
  • 512MB RAM and 4GB NAND FLASH memory
  • Rich set of I/O interfaces: 4x Digital Input, 4x Digital Output
  • Ethernet communication
  • Economic 1-Wire bus, typically used for reading temperature and humidity sensors

Hardware Add-on Options

  • 2x RS-232/485
  • 4x Configurable Digital I/Os
  • 4x Analog Inputs
  • CAN bus
  • PCI-Express
  • HDMI, Audio Output
  • Aluminum casing

Internal expansion cards

  • GPS module
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee

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Software platform

ModBerry 500 offers wide Raspberry Pi software and application support.

  • Compatible with software support of Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • Raspberry Pi Community Support offers constant software platform development
  • Software support of TECHBASE Support, offering vast possibilities based on 8 years of experience in hardware and software development for automation solutions, including cloud services and industrial devices - iModCloud Ecosystem.


ModBerry 500 can perform the following functions:

Data Logger

ModBerry 500 telemetry module offers you huge opportunities of registering and data access, using built-in input/output interfaces and communication channels, such as:

  • Serial ports

  • Wireless LTE/3G/GPRS/EDGE transmission

  • Ethernet

  • USB

  • ZigBee

Protocol and Interface Converter

Due to flexible configuration, the device can operate as a protocol and interface converter:

  • Modbus TCP

  • Modbus RTU

  • M-Bus

  • SNMP

  • 1-Wire

In addition, due to the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi Linux operating system, each user can create their own protocols with the use of the available SDK.

 Embedded Computer

The design of the ModBerry 500 allows for trouble-free operation in industrial conditions. It has a fanless case and is characterised by high resistance to external conditions and high reliability. The Raspberry Pi Linux system provides stable operation of the device.

Telemetry Module

ModBerry 500 is a multichannel telemetry module, providing constant uninterrupted access to data. It enables you to save the results of measurements and parameter values of connected devices - data can be saved to internal memory. You can also save data to internal and external databases.

ModBerry 500 can generate alarm signals and provide information on current parameter values. Built-in LTE/3G/GPRS modem enables wireless communication.


ModBerry 500 can operate as a typical PLC. The telemetry module can be programmed in ladder logic, which is easy to configure and allows for a quick start of an installation.

Due to the Raspberry Pi Linux operating system - ModBerry 500 is a stable central unit of an automation system.

Industrial modem and LTE/3G/GPRS router

With a built-in GSM modem, ModBerry 500 offers advanced functions and can be configured as an industrial modem and a router operating in GPRS, EDGE network as well as in 3G mobile network. You can easily get a backup connection mode and define routing.

You can build a VPN with ModBerry 500. You can access other devices with one telemetry module with a defined public IP. The VPN guarantees high security of data transmission.

3G technology provides higher speed and lower latency at packet data transmission.

I/O Expansion Module

Due to digital I/O and analog inputs, ModBerry 500 can successfully replace expansion modules.

The ModBerry 500 device allows:

visualisation at the monitoring point
remote control via a Web browser
transfer values via any user protocol (e.g. Modbus, SNMP).

GSM / GPRS / EDGE /3G Notify Module

With a built-in GSM modem, the ModBerry 500 industrial computer can operate as a notify module: it can send alerts when defined parameter values are exceeded (e.g. temperature, humidity).

You can easily and quickly configure the content of a message which is send instantly when the value is exceeded.

System supervisor will immediately receive SMS or e-mail notification.


GPS receiver allows to use the satellite navigation system. The system is widely used in vehicle monitoring (e.g. transport, railway industry or municipal communication). It allows to synchronize time in extensive industrial networks. It is also used to set a route for industrial machines.


Additional features

  • iMod Platform Support. ModBerry 500 can be upgraded to iMod X500 version. It gives the device a functionality to work in iModCloud Ecosystem.
  • iModCloud EcosystemA combination of a cloud service with a web user interface and special industrial devices that are fully manageable remotely. Core iModCloud Ecosystem elements are iMod controllers and iModCloud service. iMod controllers and iModCloud service together stand as a complete solution.


iModCloud - Dedicated Cloud Service

iModCloud - a dedicated cloud service - allows you to visualize and control parameters of any number of devices via a web browser. Now iModCloud expands to support ModBerry 500 devices, powered by Raspberry Pi.

With iModCloud you can control all your facilities via any mobile device, register data and share selected information with other users.

iModCloud - dedykowany system internetowy