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Oil Production Monitoring

Due to advanced alarm functions the iMod industrial computer is a perfect tool for monitoring systems in drilling installations.
The use of the iMod industrial PC enables you to:

  • optimize the oil and gas production
  • increase safety of people working at drill sites

Constant monitoring, control of the extraction process and warning of critical parameter values are the most important issues in oil industry.
The iMod industrial PC is equipped with wired and wireless communication interfaces and digital and analog I/O interfaces. They allow to connect external devices e.g.

  • smoke sensors
  • gas concentration sensor

Built-in 1-Wire bus allows to read temperature and pressure from any number of sensors in critical spots. It enables you to monitor the workplace area in search of potential hazards.

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All the data can be archived directly on the iMod device - due to built-in memory and SD card support. The data can be shared directly from the device into external servers, databases or other devices. Web server provides easy access to data via a Web browser - you can use this option with any mobile device.

Constant access to parameters allows for detailed monitoring of drilling process - key information for company owners (e.g. the amount of extracted resources) can be read in real-time with a mobile device.

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With the iModCloud service all distributed devices operate as if they were in a single private network. This is possible due to VPN support. VPN is characterized by a very high level of security. iModCloud might also be used for sharing operating parameters of a drilling installation with groups of Clients - you can provide each group with individual data access level.

monitoring wydobycia ropy

In case of emergency, such as:

  • too high carbon dioxide concentration
  • release of flammable/explosive gases or liquids
  • to high temperature in the drilled shaft

The iMod industrial computer will instantly send notification (with a built-in GPRS/3G modem) - a short text message with location of a malfunction is send to predefined people. As a PLC it can automatically run the alarm procedure, e.g.:

  • activate an alarm signal
  • start the compressors supplying/draining air

Instant reaction of the device provides a high security level on drilling platforms and in the drilled shaft areas.
Full automation of the oil and gas extraction process and constant monitoring of the system increases protection and safety. iMod meets the highest standards and provides full control of drilling operations.