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Water Consumption Monitoring

The iMod industrial computer is a perfect component of a measuring station for water consumption monitoring (e.g. in residential, commercial or industrial premises).

monitoring elektrowni wodnych

Hardware and software resources enable you to control:

  • water consumption status (current/average).
  • water parameters - e.g. temperature
  • water flow
  • volume
  • and enable you to increase savings.

The iMod industrial PC can perform 3 basic functions in the water management system. It can:

  • monitor and share current parameters in the system
  • control and alarm in case of emergency
  • archive data and report on the measurement from any period

Monitoring and Sharing the Parameter Values

Due to extensive set of hardware resources, you can monitor and share all the information from external sensors, meters and other devices in the installation directly from iMod.

monitoring elektrowni wodnych

Interfaces, such as:

  • 1-Wire,
  • RS-232/485,
  • Ethernet,

and digital/analog inputs allow to connect any number of devices and sensors to the iMod industrial PC. This allows you to supervise any installation, distributed an a large area. You can also use wireless interfaces, such as:

  • Bluetooth,
  • ZigBee,
  • Wi-Fi.

This allows to reduce the amount of wires and allows to install and re-configure selected elements of the system. iModCloud enables detailed monitoring of all the network parameters in the water supply network. It provides a safe access to devices in different locations, as if they were in one network (with the use of encrypted VPN connections).

Another advantage of the iMod industrial PC is stability - provides constant data logging and sharing. You can access current parameters of water consumption or parameters for a selected period.

Control and Amergency Alarm

With the built-in logic in the iMod telemetry module and its ability to operate as a typical PLC, you can define automatic reaction of the platform depending on the parameter status and information from external devices. It enables automatic control of the water supply processes.

With the NX Dynamics Web interface, you have full remote control of the system.

monitoring elektrowni wodnych

You can create your own control panel, which is accessible via any Web browser. As an operator in the monitoring centre You can provide selected sections of the system with water or cut it off - e.g. in case of contamination.

With the use of a GPRS/3G modem, the iMod platform can notify and alarm in case of excess of certain values or in case of sudden changes in water consumption. Alarms can be formulated in the form of any text messages. You can select the recipients by defining groups of users.

Reporting and Archiving Data

monitoring elektrowni wodnych

In order to collect data from extensive systems on a large area the iMod industrial computer is equipped in built-in Flash memory and SD card support. This allows to archive data for a long period of time.

When the memory in the device is full, there is a possibility to save data on external devices (e.g. data bases on external servers). You can provide any selected users (e.g. system supervisors) with the access to the device.

The device can generate reports on the collected information both manually and automatically. Automatic reports can be generated at certain intervals and send by emails in form of a text or graphs. You can prepare report on the use of water resources in a fast and easy way. Full control allows you to reduce cost.