What’s new in TECHBASE?

Last weeks have been hard work for us. As such, it seems only proper to present some of our work to the outside world. One of the few is firmware update for NPE X1000, from 15th of November, in which we have added option for enabling/disabling autostart for GPRS connections on X1000.

What awaits us in new version, just at the beginning of December? Let’s take a sneak peak:

  • Support for Wi-Fi communication on X1000
  • Signaling of X1000 work status via LED’s
  • Fixing hotplug for ethernet#2 on X1000

Firmware update is very straightforward on our devices and whole process is reduced just to one, simple command:

softmgr -b x1000beta update firmware

Since last week, unisms software package has been made available. It allows sending SMS messages with special symbols that are characteristic for certain languages (like Polish “ą”).

Moreover, we are working on support of a new 3G modem on X1000, libnpe to include watchdog application, which allows device to automatically restart if it hangs/freezes and improved driver for RS-485 on X1000 to increase speed of that interface.

If you do not know NPE X1000 and its capabilities, the time has come! Click here.