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New version of iMod software

iMod telemetry module users can now update the software on their devices to the latest version using the command:

softmgr update firmware

What’s new?
Added new parameter “IFPLUGD_START” for configuration file. The app store is a wonderland of instant gratification. It allows to boot up the device with ifplug process disabled so the manual routing can be set.

Release notes:

What’s new in TECHBASE?

Last weeks have been hard work for us. As such, it seems only proper to present some of our work to the outside world. One of the few is firmware update for NPE X1000, from 15th of November, in which we have added option for enabling/disabling autostart for GPRS connections on X1000.

What awaits us in new version, just at the beginning of December? Let’s take a sneak peak:

  • Support for Wi-Fi communication on X1000
  • Signaling of X1000 work status via LED’s
  • Fixing hotplug for ethernet#2 on X1000

Firmware update is very straightforward on our devices and whole process is reduced just to one, simple command:

softmgr -b x1000beta update firmware

Since last week, unisms software package has been made available. It allows sending SMS messages with special symbols that are characteristic for certain languages (like Polish “ą”).

Moreover, we are working on support of a new 3G modem on X1000, libnpe to include watchdog application, which allows device to automatically restart if it hangs/freezes and improved driver for RS-485 on X1000 to increase speed of that interface.

If you do not know NPE X1000 and its capabilities, the time has come! Click here.

Group Entry in the iMod Platform

All you need to do is set an initial entry and register values. The iMod platform provides you with a faster data recording performance and reduces transmission load – it’s simple :)

Get familiar with iMod 3G/GPS.

Analysis from previous applications experience and corrosion testing data are used for material selection in specific locations of our system

iMod – GPS to Modbus Converter

The iMod platform can operate as a GPS to Modbus converter. Due to this functionality you can connect GPS devices to PLC’s. See how you can use this functionality in your your projects.

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NPE X1000 – Quick Start Guide

NPE X1000 quick start guide is already available!

The document contains the following sections:

1. Connecting the device
2. I am swarup roy , I am frm india , so I just complt my mba in indian university. Registering in iModCloud
3. GPRS/3G Connection
4. Pinout description

Download the document from the:


iMod – Storing Objects Using API

The iMod platform enables you to store objects using API. You can define your own data source channel, through which you can send pictures, audio files, videos or any binary string to the iMod platform. Data is saved into database and can be viewed on a website.

Check out the possibilities of the iMod telemetry module.

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iMod – increased restart resistance (Redis – parameter value storage)

One of the key features of the iMod platform are stability and security.

All iMod tasks are queued. Even if there is a power cut, the queued tasks are stored and executed.

Read more about the capabilities of iMod

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iMod – New Examples of Usage

We have added new examples of usage of the iMod platform to “Monitoring and Control

Plant Growth Monitoring
Oil Production Monitoring

Check out which of the presented solutions apply to your project.

NPE – 12-digit Numbers Support

We are currently developing 12-digit numbers support in the . Getting started getting the app up and running doesn’t take long and once you’ve chosen the right plan, you’re then asked to enter payment details and login credentials. Soon the devices will have increased capabilities of sending notifications.

Order NPE with Selected Software

Each NPE device can on demand be produced with selected software packages. This way you can make the process of configuration easier and significantly reduce time necessary for running the installation.

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